Betsy Gordon

Betsy has been practicing Tai Chi since 2012 after taking a class through the Parks and Recreation in her local community. Learning the short Cheng Man Ching form first, she went on to learn a version of the 24 and then 108 forms. It wasn’t long before she was teaching her own classes and educating herself about the history, principles, and benefits of the discipline.

In 2014, she attended the International Tai Chi Symposium hoping to learn more technique and ways of teaching her students. It was there she learned of the Yang Family Association and began following Master Yang Jun. She came home with his teaching video and retaught herself the whole long form, bringing those practices into her own classroom.

After moving to Oregon, she practiced on her own until finding the Eugene Tai Chi Center. With the help of Dr. Fox, she has been able to broaden her understanding of Tai Chi at a deeper level. Along with the health and well-being benefits, Betsy believes Tai Chi has the potential to create powerful connections to one’s internal energy as well to that of others around us.