Weapons: Sword and Saber Form

Weapons classes incorporate the martial art aspect of Tai Chi with the meditative Hand Form and Push Hands techniques. The weapons used include the sword and saber. Students may join Weapons classes with the permission of the instructor. It is recommended they complete the Hand Form prior to joining these advanced classes.

Dr. James Fox, PhD instructs a class in Weapons: Sword Form, the art of Tai Chi self-defense.

Sword Form

The sword is a double-edged short weapon. The Sword Form is based on the Hand Form. One should perform the Sword Form with the grace and elegance. To learn the 67 movements in the Sword Form takes about six months.

Yang Style Sword 67 Movement Form

Saber Form

The saber is a single-edged short weapon. The Saber Form is also based on the Hand Form, but it is practiced faster than the Sword Form and with more energy. One should perform the Saber Form with the energy of a tiger. To learn the 13 movements in the Saber Form takes about four months.

Yang Style Saber 13 Movement Form

Using the Staff

There is no staff form in traditional Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan. At the Eugene Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Center, the staff is implemented only as a training tool to develop waist energy. The staff is incorporated into Hand Form, or Push Hands instruction when it is used in a class setting.


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Tai Chi Weapons: Sword Form students wait for class to begin with their swords at their sides in resting position.