Push Hands

Push Hands is practiced with a partner, focusing on the principles of sticking (staying connected to your opponent), yielding (remaining pliable when pressured by your opponent) and rooting (maintaining a strong footing and stance). The form begins with making circles with your hands while staying connected to your partner. You then learn how to use the eight energies against an opponent and how to neutralize them when they are used against you. Students may join the Push Hands class with the permission of the instructor. It is recommended they complete the Hand Form prior to joining this intermediate class.

The art of Push Hands promotes relaxation and physical fitness, by teaching you to bring energy from the inside out. Using your internal energy to match the energy of your opponent, you move intuitively with them, building a strong physique.

The Eight Energies

1. Ward
2. Roll back
3. Press (translated as squeeze)
4. Push
5. Pull
6. Shoulder
7. Elbow
8. Splitting (splitting your opponent’s energy into two different directions)

Master Yang Jun Push Hands Demonstration

Yang Family Tai Chi Push Hands


The Eugene Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Center currently hosts one class for Push Hands. This level is sometimes taught as a martial art, in combination with weapons and energetic trainings. As the Hand Form and Push Hands are interrelated forms, they also are occasionally taught in combination. Check the date and time of the current Push Hands class on the class schedule.